Get Into the Holiday Spirit With These Decorating Tips

January 14, 2022

Whether you’re planning to host a number of holiday get-togethers at your place or simply want to immerse yourself in festive surroundings, decorating your space with holiday decor will bring an immediate boost to the look and feel of your home.
Get every square inch of your home decorated for the holidays with these creative tips.

Spread Out the Greenery

Nothing screams the holidays quite like all those coniferous trees, like pine, juniper, and spruce. Not only do they look pretty, but they smell lovely too. Use all three when decorating your mantel or handrail with garland. Sprinkle them with pine cones and red winter berries to add some color, and don’t forget to spritz them with water every so often to keep them vibrant.

Infuse the Space With a Seasonal Aroma

There are all sorts of scented candles out there that make it easy to bring out seasonal aromas in your home. But you can always use real cinnamon sticks or mandarins decked out in cloves to fill your interior with the natural scents of the season.

Layer Decor of Different Heights and Sizes

When picking out your decorative pieces, choose ones in varying heights and sizes to create some depth and a visually interesting look to your space.

Put Your Christmas Cards on Display

Rather than taking up all that space on your shelves or mantel, come up with creative ways to hang your cards instead. Hang some pretty hemp string and drape your cards on it with decorated clothespins, or create a board where you can easily tack all of your cards to make a festive piece of wall art.

Use Strings of Lights Everywhere

Anything can be turned into a winter wonderland with the simple addition of lights on a string. Don’t limit your holiday lights just to your home’s trim or mantel. Instead, think outside the box and drape all those lights on tables, plants, and any other place that could use a little illumination.

Make a Hot Chocolate Station

Hot chocolate is the drink of the season, so make it easy for you and your guests to whip up a steaming cup with a decorated hot cocoa station. Deck it out with everything you need for the perfect concoction, including a tea kettle, hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, and some festive cup holders and cozies.

Create Mini Pine Trees

Go for a walk and collect clipped greens, then bring them home to create mini pine trees that you can spread out all over your home. Fill your favorite mugs or vases with these clippings poked in some floral foam, and group them together to create a lovely display.

Dress Up Your Entryway Table

Let your guests be greeted with a festive entryway table adorned in bowls of pine cones, jars filled with candy canes, a mirror surrounded by a string of lights, a mix of evergreens in a vase, and anything else that evokes a sense of the holiday season.

Dress Up Your Dining Table

You can go crazy with dining table decor for the holidays. For starters, drape a plaid tablecloth over the table, then anchor it with a bold and colorful centerpiece. This can include things such as cranberry candles, a bowl filled with ornaments, or a glass vase decked out in green clippings. Wrap cloth napkins with ribbon and affix them with silvery pine cones. Sprinkle the table with holiday-hued votive candles, and leave gift-wrapped party favors on each dish.

Don’t Forget the Wreaths

No door should be left without a festive wreath. Whether you buy them from your local home decor store or create your own using pine cones, greenery, twigs, or any other materials, the simple addition of a wreath can bring a lot of Christmas cheer into your home.

Wrap Throw Pillows in Ribbon

Tie wide ribbons around all your throw pillows in the living areas and bedrooms, and make them look as if they’re presents waiting to be placed under the tree.

Wrap Twigs

Collect a few twigs from outside and wrap them at the top of the bunch with a pretty ribbon. Hang them from doorways, on windows, or anywhere else that could use some festive cheer.

Leave Out Bowls of Holiday Candy

Dust off your glass bowl collection and fill each piece with all sorts of different holiday candies. Keep them out on entryway tables, on kitchen bars, or sofa consoles for simple decor and easy access to some goodies.

Tie Ribbons Around Candles

Choose your thickest candles and decorate them with some colorful ribbon at their bases. It’s quick, easy, and makes a beautiful decor piece to adorn any room in the home.

Wraps Presents Early

There’s no need to wait to wrap all those gifts you’ve got hidden in the closet or up in the attic. Start wrapping them early and use them as decor items that you can place on side tables, coffee tables, mantels, and even in the corner!

The Bottom Line

There are seemingly endless ways to bring out the holiday spirit with home decor. Start early to give yourself enough time to make all those DIY creations and do all of your shopping to create a festive home that you and your family will want to snuggle in all season long.

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