Three of the Best Complexes for Pepperdine Students

The Malibu Life March 8, 2024

Three of the Best Complexes for Pepperdine Students

Three of the Best Complexes for Pepperdine Students

Looking for housing as a Pepperdine student can be a challenge, but there are options. One of the best opportunities to take advantage of is buying a unit to live in during your time at Pepperdine and then renting it out to future students. Every year, we see parents use this strategy and end up using it as a long-term investment. The student would be paying rent anyway, so they instead use the rent to pay the mortgage while allowing the unit to appreciate in value over time. For example, over the last four years, the complexes we have highlighted below appreciated 48% on average. Plus, you have a guaranteed tenant for a few years, so you don’t have to worry about it being vacant in the beginning. On top of that, if you pick a good complex that is popular with Pepperdine students, you should have demand for your unit for years to come. We’ve highlighted some of the best complexes for Pepperdine students below to help with your search!


Malibu Canyon Village is one of the most popular complexes for Pepperdine students mainly due to its close proximity to campus… 2 minutes to be exact! However, it has much more to offer, including: a pool, gym, tennis court, and ocean views from multiple units. Most of your neighbors will be fellow students residing in the complex which, by the way, happens to feature 24 hour gated security. Most units come with parking and a guest parking pass, which can be used in the middle parking lot inside the complex. Other visitors can park outside the complex on Civic Center Way. Now that we are discussing outside the complex, it should be noted that it neighbors the Malibu country mart which offers great food and some of the best shopping! The complex is also across the street from Malibu colony plaza and the best news of all: Malibu Beach! What more could you ask for? Maybe affordable prices? That is another main reason students tend to flock to Malibu Canyon Village. 


De Ville is another option that can be popular for students as it rests right next to Malibu Canyon Village. The complex offers close proximity to the university campus, Malibu colony plaza, Malibu country mart, and Malibu Beach! De Ville is a pricier option as it offers larger units and boasts stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the town of Malibu from the balcony. The grounds have a pool and jacuzzi that sit at the center of the complex which make it one of the best destinations for students. 


The Pointe at Malibu is an upscale complex featuring larger units and higher quality finishes. It’s located in between the famous Zuma Beach and the hidden gem known as Paradise Cove. The complex features a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, fully-equipped gym, and is only a 10 minute drive from the college campus! This gated community also includes a tennis court and ultimately makes you feel as if you are on a resort. This fancy option is very enticing to Pepperdine students who wish to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. 

An exterior shot of a unit at The Pointe, a luxury complex in Malibu.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today if you have any questions about housing for Pepperdine students or purchasing a condo in Malibu! We are more than happy to show you why many parents utilize this strategy every year! If you’re not in the market to buy, don’t worry, we handle rentals as well and can help you find the perfect spot to enjoy your college experience!

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