Madison Hildebrand is Not Just a Bravolebrity!

January 14, 2022

It was such an honor to be a part of an amazing event hosted by NAGLREP!
In this video, we discuss multiple aspects of my life journey: 


Born in Arizona, I moved countless times growing up, eventually settling in Connecticut before graduating high school. I then moved to Malibu, CA to attend Pepperdine University. Pepperdine attracted me because I was passionate about advertising and they had an excellent advertising program. Read more about my background here!

Real Estate:

Upon leaving Pepperdine, I got my real estate license. The popularity of real estate at the time forced me to wait 10 months before finally receiving my license. However, this allowed me to really learn about the industry and plan my entire marketing and advertising strategy for the year. My first client was someone I had met while working at a hotel during college and they knew my work ethic and reliability. Most agents would not work with her and didn't think it was possible to sell her a home, but that fueled me and I eventually sold her a home as my first deal!


Ever since I began my career, I knew that every person I met had the potential to be a client one day. Even if it ended up taking a year, you want to develop a relationship with them which just might eventually lead to real estate. 

Bravo TV:

My journey with Bravo started when the producers of Million Dollar Listing were calling agents to be interviewed for the show. I interviewed with them and filmed a couple of my listings with them for the show, which had 12 agents featured at the time. After Coldwell Banker didn't want their agents on their show following Season 1, I negotiated my way on and was one of only three agents starting on Season 2. 

Building a Team:

Building a team was huge for my business. I was able to find a partner who complimented my skills and gave a different perspective on things. We were then able to build a team of 10, including someone to handle marketing, client management, office administration, finances, and several agents that work in the cities surrounding Malibu. 

LGBT Community:

I am grateful that I found a community to accept me after feeling like I was in the middle of five different ones. Being a part of a group that has shared the same journey as me and can relate with me is something that I do not take for granted.

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Madison Hildebrand is Not Just a Bravolebrity!

It was such an honor to be a part of an amazing event hosted by NAGLREP!

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